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Brian Gold is an award-winning teacher and business consultant who has worked decades strengthening Canada’s position in the fast-growing economies of East Asia. He teaches East Asian and Korean history at the University of Alberta and international business at MacEwan University. He has graduate degrees from the University of Alberta and Harvard University.

Increased Liberal Share of Vote by Over 15%!

Brian first knocked on doors in an election when he was sixteen and has never really stopped. In the last federal election in 2015 he had the honour of being the Liberal Candidate in Edmonton Griesbach, earning over 10,000 votes. While both the Conservative and NDP candidates won a smaller percentage of the vote versus the 2011 election, Brian brought up the Liberal vote share by over 15%.

Over the last decade he has also served on the Liberal Party of Canada National Board and as President of the Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta. He is presently active on the board of the Liberal Party riding executive for Edmonton-Griesbach and has been back knocking on doors around the riding since the last election.

Fighting for Canada and Canadians Against Foreign Bullies

Recently he has been active in Canadian media supporting efforts to have his long-time friend and colleague Michael Spavor freed from unjust and torturous imprisonment by the Chinese government. Mr. Spavor is one of two innocent Canadians who have been detained by the Chinese government solely in retaliation for the lawful detention by Canada of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou as part of Canada’s extradition treaty with the United States. [See Brian’s article, sponsored by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, on Michael Spavor] 

He is often sought out by Canadian media for insights regarding news stories involving China, North Korea and the repercussions for Canadians. He has experienced first-hand Chinese and North Korean government repression, and directly witnessed the transformation of South Korea from military dictatorship to a flourishing and rich democracy.

Raised in Working-Class Neighbourhood, the Son of an Immigrant

Passionately committed to a fully just Canada, Brian utilizes his history teaching experience to help conduct ‘blanket exercises’ run by Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton (RISE), a non-profit dedicated to reconciliation between indigenous and settler Canadians. Growing up in a working-class neighbourhood as the son of a small businessman, Brian believes strong unions and small family run businesses are both essential for a strong middle class. He is active within the MacEwan University faculty association.

The son of an immigrant mother, Brian believes Canada’s success as a nation is linked to its success in attracting settlers from around the globe. Proud of his Jewish family on his father’s side, Brian grew up hearing many stories of how too many Canadians of not long ago thought Jewish immigrants had an ‘alien’ religion and foreign loyalties that posed a ‘dangerous’ threat to the ‘Canadian way of life.’ Brian is a long-time member of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, an affirming church on Alberta Avenue through which he has participated in activities promoting LGBTQ equality and fighting a scourge of homophobic posters defacing the neighbourhood.

Active in the Multicultural Community, and Honoring Veterans

He has been a long-serving board member for both the Edmonton Korean-Canadian Association and the Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy, a national think tank. A former Navy reservist, he has the honour of being selected for many years by the Canadian Korean War Veterans to be Master of Ceremonies for the annual ceremony at the Legislature remembering the Canadian heroes who fought for democracy in the Korean War.

Brian and his wife Dorie, a flautist and founding President of the Edmonton Flute Association, are the proud parents of two grown children, presently completing their secondary and university education.

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