“Canada is free, and freedom is its nationality.”


  • Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier,



I am in public life to further my nation as prosperous and democratic. Canada Strong and Free.

Democratic freedom is under attack around the globe. Democratic freedom and rule of law is the very essence of Canada as a nation. No matter how much larger nations may attempt to bully us, we will not give in on these principles.

I have witnessed first-hand some of the worst dictatorships in the world. Like Canadians of earlier generations, we must stand on guard for our democracy and the principle of all citizens being equal under the law.

Canada is not a bully power. Canadians know our nation and all nations thrive in a world run by international rules and democratic norms.

As we demand our freedom and respect from larger nations in the world, we must first be a flawless model of respect for all nations, no matter how small. This includes Canada respecting the 600-plus First Nations of Canada, the Inuit, and Metis.

The greatest threat in the world today is not other nations. It is the ongoing climate crisis, that is underway now.

To fight climate change we need systematic changes to our economic system that have been proven effect and market friendly. A carbon tax on the largest polluters is an essential start.

I have witnessed first hand the economic ‘miracle’ economies of Asia. To stay competitive, we must continue promoting what made our own and the ‘miracle’ economies flourish, which are:

  • a reverence for science & education
  • impartial and fact-based policy-making
  • policies that support a strong and ever-growing middle class, and
  • support for free trade.

However, the ‘miracle’ economies of Asia are facing demographic catastrophe as their societies rapidly age. What they lack is our 150-year-old ‘secret’ weapon of economic success: a continued inflow of hard-working immigrants starting new businesses, as my grandparents and parents did.

Finally, in a world threatened with the return of a ‘cold war’ I wholeheartedly support the ongoing rebuilding of our military and increased support for veterans.

Canada, Strong and Free